We have been building websites and designing logos for over 8 years. My goal is to bring small businesses an affordable and functional website/design that best serves their needs. Websites are very cost efficient but it can be a daunting process to do yourself. Please check out my portfolio here. You can also contact me with any questions you may have.

How do you make a website?

Websites are made up of three things. A Domain, Design, and Hosting. I will explain all three below!

What is a domain?

A domain is very simple, it is the name people type into their computers/phones to get to your website. In my case, it is richmatney.com. You register your preferred domain name with a domain register(we can help and set all of this up for you!). Once registered you pay a yearly fee of roughly $10-20 dollars a year in order to keep your domain name.

What is Web Design?

So you have a domain that people can type in to go to your website but you have a blank page. Thats because you haven’t designed anything yet! Here at MDC we will build/code your design and have it in working order for you to test drive. We start out with a mock up of the site and then move into coding the site once the mock up is approved. All of our designs are also “responsive”, this means they scale to any device they are viewed on. Whether that be a phone or computer, your site will look great no matter what! We charge a one time design fee starting at $999.

What is Hosting?

We have a domain, and a design. Now we need to put your design on the internet and link it to your domain. This is called hosting. All of your website design files are uploaded to a hosted server through a hosting service. Most hosting services have a monthly payment of $10-$30 dollars depending on what you need. We can set all of that up and get everything working smoothly.

So what does all of this cost?

The three parts we just covered average about $1,250 Dollars for the first year, This includes a $10 dollar per year domain, $999 one time design fee, and $20 dollars a month for hosting. After the first year your website will only cost you $250 dollars per year to keep active, since the design fee is one time only.

What if I can’t afford that?

Let us know what you are looking for, we are flexible and genuinely want to help people and make sure they have a great site their customers deserve.